Timeshare Sales

There are a few different types of timeshare sales including: broker, developer, and resale by owner. If you are considering selling your timeshare, we can help you to understand the resale market and the best platform for a successful sale.

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Timeshare Re-Sales

A timeshare resale is any ownership that is not sold by the developer. This type of sale can either be sold by a real estate firm, timeshare resale resource, or by the current owner.

Typically, people buy and sell timeshare resales online. The internet provides many resources for both buyers and sellers, including educational information. However, when it comes to conducting a timeshare sale online, be cautious. While there are trustworthy resale companies, there are many that exist just to scam buyers and sellers.

If you are interested in a reselling, we can connect you to a reputable platform to advertise your property. As a trusted member of the timeshare industry, we have built relationships with many of the top timeshare sales companies.

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Timeshare Broker Sales

A niche area of the industry is reserved for broker timeshare sales. Broker sales are facilitated by a licensed real estate agent. Typically, with this type of sale, the seller will pay a commission, rather than an advertising fee. However, only a limited number of high-end timeshare properties usually qualify for broker sales.

Be aware that while a licensed real estate agent understands how to sell property, not many are experienced in timeshare sales. However, there are brokers that specialize in this field. TimeshareContracts.com can help you to evaluate your ownership and decide if it is a good fit for a brokerage sale.

Timeshare Developer Sales

If you purchased your timeshare directly from the resort, you purchased through a developer sale. This was once the only way to buy timeshare, before the resale market existed. However, in the past decade, the resale market has grown to become just as productive as the developer market. In fact, many first time and repeat timeshare buyers choose to purchase now through resale.

Unfortunately, there are few developers that are willing to take back your timeshare. A limited number have an internal resale program, but there is often a wait list to advertise. It could take up to two years to move up the list, let alone find a buyer. The truth is, after you have paid off your timeshare, they’ve moved onto the next sale.

We have timeshare specialists available to answer any developer-related questions that you may have. We offer specialists for many of the top timeshare brands including Westgate, Worldmark, Starwood, and more. For more information, call us today at 1-855-781-0081.

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