Timeshare Contract FAQ

When getting out of your timeshare, you’re bound to have a few questions. Our timeshare frequently asked questions will help you to understand your contract and what possibilities you have to get out.

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Timeshare Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really cancel a timeshare contract?

Each timeshare contract will have a rescissionary or cancellation period. Typically, this cancellation window is mandated by state contract laws by the state in which you made your timeshare purchase. This period can last anywhere from 3–10 days. Should you decide to cancel your purchase, you need to notify the resort by certified mail.

The cancellation window is most commonly used for buyers remorse. After the cancellation period, you will need to get out by another method. You can do this by selling your timeshare, transferring it to a new owner, or by working with a company like TimeshareContracts.com.

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Is it possible to sell a timeshare?

The timeshare resale market can be a difficult field to navigate. While it is possible for some timeshares to sell, you need to be realistic about your options. Selling a timeshare will cost money, but be cautious about paying for anything except marketing services. If a company promises that they can sell your timeshare or that they have “buyers waiting,” it’s probably too good to be true.

Can you sell my timeshare?

If you only want to sell your timeshare, we can connect you to a reputable advertising company. Before you decide to sell, we urge you to compare your options and decide if selling is the best solution for you. We can also help you learn the value of your timeshare before you sell. This information is free of charge and there are no obligations.

Will my heirs receive the timeshare in my will?

If you purchase a deeded timeshare, you have signed a life-long, perpetual contract. Unless you purchased a right-to-use timeshare, this contract will never expire.

Can I give the timeshare back to the resort?

Most timeshare resorts will not take your timeshare back. Once you are outside the cancellation period, you must dispose of the timeshare yourself. However, there are timeshares that are available as a “right-to-use” membership rather than a deeded ownership. A right-to-use timeshare will expire after a certain amount of time, usually 25–50 years, but can last up to 99 years.

For some owners, timeshare donation may be a great option. Donating your timeshare to a charity can help that charity to travel or use perks from the resort. Please note that not all charities will accept a timeshare donation. In order to donate your timeshare, you will need to work with a company like TimeshareContracts.com for a referral. If your timeshare qualifies, we can help you to transfer your timeshare to a 501c(3) charity organization.

How can I avoid a timeshare scam?

Timeshare scams are most commonly avoided by using caution. Do not sign anything or submit a payment before reading a contract. Also, make sure that you understand what services will be offered to you and that they are clearly defined within the contract. A verbal promise will not carry over if it is not written in the contract, so make sure every promise and guarantee is included.

In some forms of timeshare fraud, you may receive no service at all. There are some scam companies that will simply have you pay for a service and then take the money and run. In this scenario, the company will most likely request that you pay them with an untraceable form of payment such as a moneypak or wire transfer. To avoid these scams, always pay with a credit card. That way, if you encounter a fraudulent company, your credit card company can reimburse you.

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