Donate Timeshare

A less common alternative to selling is to donate your timeshare. Be aware that it can be very difficult to donate timeshare, but with the proper resources it is possible. We will help you to determine if your timeshare is eligible for donation and how to donate your timeshare to a 501c(3) charity.

Keep reading to learn more about how to donate a timeshare. To learn if you are eligible, fill out the form to the right or call us at 1-855-781-0081 now.

How to Donate Your Timeshare

You may wish to donate timeshare to a charity or religious organization, but be aware that very few charities will accept this type of donation. It is not possible to donate your timeshare by simply signing it over to a charity, or even leaving it to the organization in your will. Often, this type of arrangement will result in you passing it onto your children or heirs, regardless of what you may have intended.

However, you can donate timeshare to a 501c(3) charity organization through a company like We’ve established connections with charities such as Give Back Charities, Inc., who are able to accept selected timeshare properties.

With a legitimate timeshare donation process, you can give away your timeshare to charity for little to no out-of-pocket costs. You may have to pay closing costs to transfer your timeshare, but you may be able to receive a portion or all of this money back through a tax deduction.


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Timeshare Donation Tax Benefits

According to the IRS, non-cash donations valued at over $500 can be included as a tax write-off. Your CPA or financial advisor can help you to determine if your timeshare donation qualifies for this type of deduction (Please note that this type of deduction only includes deeded timeshare properties, not right-to-use memberships).

If you are looking to donate your timeshare week or points, contact our specialists. We will review your ownership information and inform you if you are eligible for donation.