Timeshare Contract Cancellation

When it comes to getting rid of your timeshare, do you know what your options are? If you are no longer be able to keep your ownership, you may consider cancelling your timeshare contract. Timeshare contract cancellation can be tricky, but there are ways to do it.

Can You Really Cancel a Timeshare Contract?

The details of how you are able to cancel your timeshare contract depend heavily on the type of timeshare you have, but the basics are generally the same. Whether you have a deeded contract or a right to use (RTU) timeshare, you are responsible for that property—and the costs that come with it—for as long as your name is on the contract. For deeded timeshares this is indefinitely, and for RTU timeshares this can be anywhere for a few years to almost 100 years. This means that timeshare contract cancellation is only possible if you take the property out of your name.

Generally speaking, your options include selling the property, donate it to charity, or give it away. Some of these options are easier to achieve than others, but all of them will require work and money on your part in order to no longer have to deal with the hassles of having a timeshare.

Cancel Your Timeshare

The easiest way to get out of your timeshare is by speaking with one of our timeshare specialists. Our team of professionals will decipher what your options are and how to cancel your timeshare contract. No matter what kind of timeshare contract you have, the burden they can pose on a family that can no longer use or afford the property can be extremely heavy. Timeshare freedom is possible, you just have to know your options and have experienced help to get rid of your timeshare fast, safely, and as efficiently as possible.

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