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RCI Timeshare Exchange

RCI is the largest timeshare exchange program in the industry. Currently, there are over 4,000 resorts that are affiliated with RCI, and more are added every year.

As an RCI member, you can trade your points to visit a variety of resorts around the world. If you purchased your timeshare through an affiliated resort or vacation club, you also had the option to purchase an RCI membership.

In order to travel through RCI, you must first purchase a timeshare. While some developers offer the chance to sign up for RCI at the same time as your initial purchase, it is a separate membership entirely. However, an RCI contract runs on a yearly basis. Therefore, you do not need to sell your RCI timeshare membership, you can simply choose not to renew it.

Although RCI provides many options for timeshare owners, when you sell or get rid of your timeshare you will have to discontinue your membership. However, you can still visit a variety of resorts through timeshare rentals. That way, you can travel without the binding contract.

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