How to Break Your Timeshare Contract

At some point, you may begin to wonder how to break out of your timeshare contract. This can be for a variety of reasons, including financial hardship, declined use, unhappiness with the HOA, lifestyle changes, or increased travel costs. The reasons are many, but unfortunately your options for getting out of your timeshare are fairly limited.

How Can You Break Your Timeshare Contract?

While your name is on the timeshare contract, you are responsible for the ownership and its financial obligations. Generally speaking, when it comes breaking out your timeshare contract you have two options: giving it to someone else (by resale, donation, etc.) or canceling your contract.

If you recently purchased the timeshare and are still within your cancellation period, you may simply be able to cancel the purchase (please note this recessionary period is limited).

If you are outside the cancellation period, the only way to get out of your contract is to get the property out of your name and into someone else’s. There are a couple ways you can accomplish this.

Get Help With Your Timeshare Contract

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*Please consult your CPA or attorney for information regarding any tax deductions or benefits.

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