Disney Timeshares

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is one of the fastest growing vacation ownership programs in the world. As a DVC member, you can travel to any of the 12 Disney timeshare resorts plus the World Collection, Disney Collection, and Concierge Collection destinations. Each vacation offers the quality and service that is synonymous with the Disney brand.

With DVC you receive luxury accommodations and service… but it comes with a price tag. Disney timeshares can be some of the industry’s most expensive ownerships—both to purchase and maintain. So while you’ll receive supreme vacations, the timeshare can wind up costing you much more than the average vacation.

DVC Timeshare Resales

Most DVC owners will come to a point when they are no longer interested in visiting Disney World, or they’re just looking to cut back on their expenses. When you reach this point in your ownership, we’re here to help you navigate the resale market.

As a trusted name in timeshare industry since 1999, we offer superior timeshare solutions. While DVC points may hold value on the resale market, you’ll still need an experienced (and reputable) company to help you advertise your ownership. We’ll help you to evaluate the market value of your Disney Vacation Club and position it so that buyers can easily find it.

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Sell Your Disney Timeshare

Tired of paying for your Disney Vacation Club membership? Learn how to sell your DVC points or simply exit your ownership with TimeshareContracts.com. We’ll help you to understand the market value of DVC points and your best option to get out of your timeshare.

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