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Need to get out from under your Bluegreen timeshare ownership? Whether you’re no longer able to travel, struggling to get the most out of your purchase, or simply never want to pay another maintenance fee, is here to help. We provide exit solutions for all Bluegreen timeshare owners, regardless of what the circumstances might be.. Even if you have a mortgage, we have a solution for you.

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Bluegreen Resorts Resales

Established in 1966, Bluegreen Vacations offers a points-based vacation club experience to its more than 175,000 timeshare owners. With over 60 resorts in operation around the globe, including flagship properties in Las Vegas, Aruba, and Orlando, Bluegreen Vacations is one of the vacation ownership industry’s largest developers.

That being said, Bluegreen ownership is not for everyone. While there is no denying Bluegreen is capable of offering great vacations to its members, the simple truth is that limited availability and rising maintenance fee costs tend to turn ownership into more of a burden than a benefit. There is a great portion of Bluegreen owners who are trying to sell their weeks. This is clear to anyone who visits a timeshare resale website. You may also have tried to sell in the past with no success. Whether or not you’ve tried to sell, we will provide you with a timeshare solution to get out once and for all.

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